Office of Rural Programs


Target Rural Underserved Track (TRUST)

TRUST provides an exceptional educational experience to prepare students for future practice in underserved rural areas and underserved small cities of the WWAMI region.

Program Overview

The Targeted Rural Underserved Track (TRUST) seeks to provide a continuous connection between rural underserved communities, medical education, and health professionals in our region. Our initial goal is to create a full-circle pipeline by guiding qualified students through a special curriculum that connects rural/small city underserved communities in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI) to the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) in an effort to help meet the workforce needs of the region.

As a TRUST student, you will have many opportunities to experience the joys and satisfaction of rural or small city practice:

  1. Spend 1-2 weeks in a summer experience before you begin Foundations courses.
  2. Return to your continuity community for short periods throughout the Foundation Phase (first 18 months) of your medical training.
  3. Complete one or more selective courses or events during each term of the Foundation Phase with a focus on underserved rural or underserved small city practice as required at your Foundation campus.
  4. Return to your TRUST continuity community for two other key continuity experiences:
    • Participate in our Rural Underserved Opportunities Program (RUOP), a one-month program during the summer months of your Foundation Phase
    • Participate in WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE) during 18+ weeks of the Patient Care Phase of your medical school training

If you are strongly interested in underserved medicine in a rural or small city, you should apply to TRUST.  If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Rural Programs by emailing or see a list of contacts in our office.

How to Apply

A Secondary Application link will be emailed to qualified applicants after the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) has received and reviewed the AMCAS application. Unlike many medical schools, UWSOM does not request Secondary Applications automatically; applications are screened to determine if a Secondary Application will be requested. There is an optional section on the Secondary Application to apply to the TRUST program. For more information please visit the Admissions page on Secondary Applications.