Office of Rural Programs


Whether if you are recent or longtime graduate of the UWSOM TRUST program, you are a valued member of our community. Your connection to TRUST serves as a lifelong membership to a group of physicians that are dedicated to serving rural communities. Since the first graduating class of 2012, TRUST alums are growing each year and we hope to not only stay connected with you, but also offer a space for you to network with your colleagues!

So, we invite you check back every so often on new updates and join the TRUST alumni directory. Keep us updated on resources, where you’re at, family news and anything exciting. We want to hear from you! Below are some ways to get connected.

We partner with the UW Medicine Alumni Association, please visit their website for more ways to get connect with the greater UW Medicine community.


Coming soon! Exclusively for TRUST alums who opt-in to an annual survey that lists your contact in this directory. Your exclusive access allows you to network or search for a colleague here! *This is a password protected page

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Coming soon! Are you interested in giving back and teaching the next generation of physicians who are interested in rural communities? Learn more on how to work with TRUST students.