Office of Rural Programs

Olympia LIC FAQs

What are the program start and end dates?

The start and end dates are updated annually and can be found on the For Students page.

Do students have weekends off?

Students can expect to have most (not all) weekends off during the outpatient block. During the inpatient block, students will be expected to work some weekends. Once your inpatient block has started, your clerkship site director will let you know which weekends you will be working.

What is the policy for time off?

The policy for time off is the same as the rest of the class; Olympia LIC students are allowed two days off for every 12 weeks of the program.

UWSOM Curriculum Policies and Requirements

If you have questions, email Dr. Devin Sawyer,

What if a student is unable to start March 27, 2023 due to retaking Step 1 or a delay in their test date?

A student’s schedule can be adjusted if needed, but it may impact their ability to complete the LIC in Olympia. If a student is aware of a need to modify their Olympia LIC schedule for any reason, they should contact Stacey Erdahl ( as soon as possible.

How does housing work? Is housing paid for by the school? Do students find their own housing or is it arranged for them?

Students are responsible for arranging their own housing in Olympia and Seattle. If students are completing a rotation in Seattle, the School of Medicine will provide housing reimbursement (currently at a rate of $80/night).  Note the amount provided may not be enough to cover all housing costs and some students may choose to stay with friends and family.

Will I need a car to participate in the Olympia LIC?

Yes. Students will need a reliable car. While the majority of the inpatient work will be completed at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, several of the outpatient clinics are located in the surrounding Olympia area. In addition, students may spend time in Seattle for a 3-week Psychiatry rotation at Harborview.

During the Explore and Focus Phase (fourth year), would Olympia be considered the home base and housing paid for by the School?

Fourth-year housing is only covered for required clerkships away from a student’s home base: Neurology, Emergency Medicine, and APC. Home base during Explore and Focus is classified as either Seattle or the Explore and Focus Track site.

Explore and Focus Phase