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MS2s: N95 fit testing order form and locations

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A message from the Compliance team: This message is intended for students beginning or continuing in Patient Care Phase (PCP) clerkships in the academic year (AY) 2023-24. E21 MSTP students and E21 students who will be on a leave of absence in AY 2023-24 are exempt from this requirement. 

In-person N95 fit testing is required for all students who will be in PCP clerkships. The deadline for completing this requirement is March 31, 2023, regardless of when you are starting your first clerkship. However, please order your N95s NOW so you can receive them in the mail prior to March 1.

DEADLINE: No earlier than March 1, 2023, and no later than March 31, 2023.

 Instructions for fit testing:

  1. N95 Fit Testing Order Form. Use your UW netid to submit your order. We will mail you three N95 models that you can use for your N95 fit test. Most vendors will ask you to bring your own N95s for the fit test. Enter the mailing address where you will be between Feb. 15, 2023, and March 1, 2023.
  2. Print out the “3M Medical Clearance for Respirator Use” letter that 3M emailed to you and bring it with you to your fit testing appointment. Expanded MS3 students can find their medical clearance letter in Evalue Personal Records under “N95 Respirator Clearance”.
  3. Here is a resource to help you locate a vendor in the WWAMI region
  4. Scan or email a photo of your N95 fit testing authorization documentation to us at somcompl@uw.edu.  Documentation must include the following information:
    1. Your first and last names
    2. Date of fit test
    3. Vendor or facility where fit test was done
    4. N95 model(s) that you are authorized to wear
  5. If you fail your fit test on all 3 models, please contact Laura Ellis lbellis@uw.edu for other options.
  6. In order to be compliant with the N95 fit testing requirement you will need to have completed the pre-requisites which are:  PAPR training, 3M N95 medical clearance, N95 online training. Check previous emails for instructions. We will also follow up with non-compliant students.

N95 Fit Testing FAQ:

Q:  Can my roommates and I use the same masks for fit testing?

A:  No.  Your roommate should order their own masks. N95 Fit Testing Order Form

Q:  Can I reuse the mask that I was fit tested with?

A:  Not advisable.  It will be covered with solution used for the fit testing.  We can send you new ones for use during your clerkship, if needed.

Q:  I was fitted with a Halyard model N95.  My clerkship site uses different models.  Can I wear their model instead?

A:  No. Not unless you are fit tested on that particular model. You will be authorized to wear only the model that you were fit tested with. You could also use a PAPR since most students should already be authorized to use a PAPR.

Q:  If I need to use an N95 to see patients during my clerkship, can I reuse the mask?

A: No, the CDC has indicated that N95 filtering facepiece respirator supplies are adequate and healthcare facilities should be operating in conventional capacity – this means no reuse. Please dispose of your N95 FFR between patients. You must also follow the policies and procedures at your clinical site regarding personal protective equipment. We recommend keeping up to date on the latest policies and procedures at your clinical site.

Q:  What documentation do I need to send you after my fit test?

A:  Scan or email a photo of the documentation given to you by your vendor to somcompl@uw.edu

Q:  How do I request a religious exemption for N95 fit testing?

A:  Please email uwresp@uw.edu and copy lbellis@uw.edu.

Q: Some clerkships require N95s or equivalent, but not all. Students should check with the clerkship site director for specific information. Students should have access to N95s if they are needed.

Are N95s required for clerkships?

  1. What if I failed my N95 fit test?
  2. Please contact Laura Ellis lbellis@uw.edu.  
  3. How can I get a refresher on donning/doffing N95s?
  4. WISH donning/doffing PPE videos

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