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How to register for clerkships

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Here is important information from UWSOM Registration and Scheduling

This is essential information for students taking clinical clerkships during Autumn Quarter 2023

Action required: Log in to MyUW to verify your registration for CONJ 699 for Autumn Quarter 2023.

Deadline: No later than 3 p.m. AK, 4 p.m. PT and 5 p.m. MT on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023.

 What will happen if you don’t do this:

  • If you are not registered but should be: You will not be enrolled in courses for the Autumn 2023 quarter, which begins on Monday, Septe. 18, 2023. Without registering, you will not receive credit for the courses, they will not appear on your transcript, and you will not be on track to graduate. 
  • If you are registered, but should not be: You will be charged for courses you do not attend and may receive a failing grade.

Summary of the situation:

UWSOM has registered students for Autumn quarter clerkships with the UW Office of the University Registrar. If you are taking SOM clinical courses during the Autumn quarter, it is your responsibility to verify that you are registered correctly for CONJ 699. 

To verify your registration: Log in to MyUW and look for CONJ 699 on your schedule for Autumn 2023. Follow any prompts that the University indicates. 

Let the team know immediately at somreg@uw.edu if you are not registered for this course but should be or if you are registered but should not be. 

DO NOT adjust your CONJ 699 registration in MyUW – instead, contact somreg@uw.edu

Further details

For MS3 and MS4 students: SOM Registration schedules you for CONJ 699 in the UW system, a “holding” course that reflects the total number of credits you are taking in a quarter. Your schedule in E*Value shows the actual course number and title of your courses. CONJ 699 holds a place for the course prefix and number, title, credits, and grade for the courses shown in E*Value so that you can be billed and receive financial aid. 

Important to Know 


·        Each full-time week of clinical clerkships = 2 credits. 

·        Taking 2-12 credits: CONJ 699 will reflect the exact number of credits. 

·        Taking 13 or more credits: CONJ 699 will show 13 credits. 

·         Students registered for 12 or more credits are considered full time. 

Grades on your UW transcript: 

UW departments must submit your final clinical evaluation in E*Value 4-6 weeks after a clerkship has ended. Once that happens, SOM Registration transfers your specific clerkships and grades to your UW transcript. UWSOM audits for accuracy throughout the year, but you are strongly encouraged to check your unofficial transcript in MyUW periodically and let Registration and Scheduling know if anything is incorrect. 


·        Patient Care clerkships are final. Changes are only possible for extenuating circumstances outside your control with approval from the assistant dean of student affairs. 

·        UWSOM has a 6 week add/drop deadline before the start date of a course. 

·        UW has other deadlines and fees – see University of Washington site. 

Making sure you are on track to graduate: 

Review your Graduation Audit Report and make plans to resolve any deficiencies as soon as possible.  

UW holds: 

If you have a registration hold, take steps to resolve it immediately and notify somreg@uw.edu once you have removed it.  Failure to do so may result in UW charging fees and/or the inability to complete your scheduled clerkships. 

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