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MS1s: Discounts available for study resources

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Discounts available for study resources

Here’s an update from Academic Support about study resources: We partner with the following third-party companies to provide discounts. While UWSOM does not specifically endorse these companies, we are aware that they offer valuable resources that many of our students have used and currently use and hope that our efforts can provide a small fraction of financial relief.

Please note the expiration date on each offer. Once that offer has passed, we will not be able to extend the discount.

AMBOSS: Amboss is a learning resource that features articles, videos, and an extensive question bank.

Boards & Beyond: Step 1-Preclinical provides an online virtual curriculum to supplement your coursework and build your foundation in preclinical topics. Members have access to 447 videos, PDF copies of the slides and a question bank with more than 2,300 questions covering the breadth of preclinical material.

Sketchy: Sketchy is a research-proven visual learning platform that helps students and professionals effortlessly learn and recall information by taking advantage of art, story, and the method of loci.

Pixorize: Pixorize makes visual mnemonics covering biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, and more for the USMLE exams.

Pathoma: Pathoma is a website with popular videos devoted to covering the in-depth pathology text of Dr. Husain Sattar.

Bootcamp: Med School Bootcamp “is your all-in-one resource for learning medicine and passing Step 1, according to the company.

Online Med Ed: Provides a learning platform focuses on understanding and mastering the fundamentals. Offers pre-clinical and clinical resources.

You can also find these discount codes on our Academic Support Resources website.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these resources please contact the respective customer service emails listed above.

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