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Identifying signs of Intimate Partner Violence

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Name: Roan Willson, MS2, Alaska

Project: Orthopedic Injury Patterns in Intimate Partner Violence; Defensive Wounds and Upper Extremity Fracture Patterns in Survivors: A Literature Review.

Background: There are screening methods to identify Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), but they have their limits. “Intimate partner violence (IPV) is an ongoing epidemic within the U.S. despite implementations of universal screening by the U.S. Preventativee Services Task Force.” Willson said. “Musculoskeletal injury is the second most common injury seen in victims of IPV providing a unique opportunity for orthopedic physicians to identify fracture patterns associated with IPV.”

Research: Willson analyzed three databases and numerous articles to identify six key themes of orthopedic injury from IPV. She hopes to publish and further circulate her findings.

What’s the image above? “The image is a non-displaced diaphyseal ulnar fracture that was caused by a patient being hit by her boyfriend and is an example of a fracture type identified as being associated with intimate partner violence.” Source: Khurana B, Sing D, Gujrathi R, et al. “Recognizing Isolated Ulnar Fractures as Potential Markers for Intimate Partner Violence,” Journal of the American College of Radiology, 2021:10.1016/j.jacr.2021.03.006

Accomplishments: “This work was able to synthesize a mass of literature that resulted in the finding of key details that can help many different types of physicians and other medical staff recognize patients who may be victims of IPV with more objective findings than current screening mechanisms.

Roan Willson

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