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Information about Transition to Residency and May of next year

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Transition to Residency will be held May 13 – 23, 2024.  The Physicians Oath and Hooding will be in Seattle, on Friday, May 24, 2024.  The week or two leading up to this culmination of your medical school experience is usually filled with wonderful celebrations from different campuses, tracks, pathways and with each other.  More information to come on the specifics later.

You will be expected to participate remotely in the first week of TTR from May 13-17 and should plan to be available from 8a-5:00p Pacific Time during those days with reliable access to internet and a computer with a video camera.  There will not be sessions for 9.5 hours per day but some sessions will be in the morning and some in the afternoon and may vary from day to day.  We will provide you with specialty-specific schedules after match day in late March.  As most of TTR is interactive, most sessions will not be available by viewing a recording.  You should expect to be present at them in real-time.

You will be expected to participate in person the second week of TTR.  Specifically, you should expect to be on the Seattle campus for learning May 20, 8am – May 23, 5pm, details and specific times, TBD. 

We believe from student feedback and program director feedback over the years that the transition to residency course is an important way for you to practice old skills and gain new skills and perspectives to successfully start residency in whatever your chosen field will be.  The course is tailored to your specific specialty in many of the sessions offered.  It is also a wonderful time to connect with the students who are also going into your specialty – these relationships, even if you matched at different programs are enduring and so important in beginning your professional network.  We also know from experience that almost all the sessions are better in person,  however from experience gained in the last two years during the pandemic recognize that some also work well remotely (over zoom).

Finally, we recognize the significant cost to many students who are not based in the greater Seattle area to find lodging, transportation, etc. for a 2 week in person course.  This is a time in your medical training journey where finances are very tight as many of you are moving and without a paycheck from your residency program until July.

Considering the content of the course that we believe is high priority for in-person learning, the content of the course that we believe can be delivered in a high quality fashion remotely, the objectives of the TTR course to set you all up for a successful transition to residency, and your concerns about cost and disruption to your plans, we have decided that TTR will be offered this year with the first week remote and the second week in-person.  We feel like this change will provide a little economic relief for many of you as well as an opportunity to still gain really important skills prior to starting residency.  We want you all to feel excited and prepared as you embark on the next step in your training.  Please contact Dr. Heather McPhillips, hmcphil@uw.edu for questions.

  • From The TTR team

Source: Kellie Engle, director of Curriculum

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