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Announcing the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire

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A message from UW Medicine and UWSOM leadership:

Dear Graduating Class of 2023, 

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, you received a personalized email from the Association of American Medical Colleges with unique link to the AAMC’s Graduation Questionnaire (also known as the GQ). The GQ is a national questionnaire administered annually to graduating students at all LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) accredited medical schools. You will have until June 9 to complete the survey. We are writing to encourage you to take the time to complete this important survey.

What is the GQ and how is the data used?

The GQ is YOUR opportunity to let us know about your experiences during medical school. We use the data to improve our services and support for future classes, as well as to better understand what you think is working well. We receive a report each year from the AAMC that compares our students’ ratings with national ratings. Additionally, the LCME uses students’ ratings from the GQ to make determinations about the UWSOM’s accreditation. 

When should I complete the survey?

While you can complete the survey anytime between Feb. 14 and June 9, we recommend the following timing:

·         Complete the survey after participating in one of the AAMC loan sessions for your informed input into the survey item tied to financial aid/debt counseling (Webinar date to be determined)

·         Start the survey now and complete it during the Transition to Residency (TTR) session in May.

If you complete the survey over time, please make sure to save the code that AAMC issues for returning to the survey. The AAMC will send email reminders on the 1st of each month to students who have not yet completed the survey. The AAMC GQ staff members also stand by to provide any assistance you may need with completing the survey.

How can I be oriented to the survey questions?

Many medical schools across the country provide an orientation or a guide for their students to complete the GQ. This is especially important for our school because the UWSOM has an integrated blocked curriculum that is delivered across five states and there has been confusion in the past about the meaning of some questions.

We ask that you review the glossary of terms and a photo directory of key administrative staff below as a reminder of who worked with you along the way.  

Please select the glossary of terms based on your Foundations site:

Will there be incentives for completing the survey?

Yes. In future emails to you, the Educational Quality Improvement Unit will share with you details about survey incentives.

We value your feedback! Our goal is to have an 85 percent completion rate. This level of completion assures us that your voice has been heard as we continue to make educational and service improvements at UWSOM for all students. Thank you for your help in this effort.

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