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General Statement: 

The Office of Rural Programs (ORP) at the University of Washington School of Medicine respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. This general statement along with our terms and conditions for using TRUST CONNECTIONS is intended to provide you with a level of comfort and confidence in how we collect, use and safeguard your personal information and submissions. It is our commitment to be transparent and good stewards of the TRUST program and our community users. By using TRUST CONNECTIONS, you agree to the terms and conditions on this webpage.  

In plain language…  

We plan to use your information solely for the purposes of connecting folks in the TRUST community which includes students, alums, preceptors, staff and, faculty including WWAMI clinical deans. Additionally, ORP practices cross-sharing of your personally identifiable information with the UW Medicine Alumni Association –this means we will share your name, email and contact information with their office.  


Terms and Conditions 

By accessing the TRUST CONNECTIONS Alumni Directory, you agree to use this feature for its intentions of connecting with the TRUST community. You acknowledge that this is a password-protected webpage exclusive to those who opt-in to this directory and you will safeguard this password for your own individual use. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use this feature.  

The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:  

 We ask that you… 
  • Do not publicly share the website password with anyonePlease email the Office of Rural Programs at if you have a TRUST colleague who would like to gain access to the TRUST CONNECTIONS Alumni Directory 
  • Do not publicly share any information or content from the TRUST CONNECTIONS Alumni Directory webpage. 
  • The alumni directory should be used to connect with your fellow TRUST colleagues. Do not share the information provided in the directory with anyone outside of TRUST CONNECTIONS.  
  • Ask for permission from your colleagues if you intend to share their information.  
 We will commit to… 
  • Safeguarding your information by practicing our internal privacy processes. Please note that we will cross-share personally identifiable information with UW Medicine Alumni Association. 
  • Updating this alumni directory and any other features of TRUST CONNECTIONS in a timely manner 
  • Promoting a safe, fun and connecting environment for all of you! 


What it means when you sign-up to receive ORP Newsletters

  • Your contact information will be added to the ORP Newsletter listserv. 
  • You will receive an ORP newsletter from our office twice a year that highlights our programs such RUOP, WRITE & TRUST.  

What it means when you complete the annual survey to opt-in to the TRUST Alumni Directory

  • You will automatically be added to our ORP Newsletter listserve and will receive a newsletter twice a year that highlights our programs such as RUOP, WRITE & TRUST.  
  • Your email address wil be added to the alumni directory listserveand you will receive an annual survey to update your information 
  • Your contact information will badded to the alumni directory webpage to be shared privately with those who opt-in and currently, our program staff (We will plan to expand this out to current students and preceptors).  
  • Your name, email and contact information will be shared with the UW Medicine Alumni Association, who generally send communication out twice a year. 
  • Stay connected and engaged! You’ll have exclusive access to the Alumni Spotlights. 

What it means when you sign up to learn more about mentorship and preceptorship opportunities

  • Your inquiry will be shared with the WWAMI clinical dean in your region. 

How do I opt-in and gain access to the TRUST CONNECTIONS Alumni Directory?

  • Fill out this survey link which will be checked weekly for new submissions. Once received, our team will send you a welcome message with the password to access this webpage.