Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CV: a succinct chronicle of your background and accomplishments relevant to your career. 

The goals of a medical student CV: 

  • Provide a well-organized overview of your major academic and extracurricular achievements related to your medical career
  • Highlight the most relevant activities and skills you bring to a residency program and other opportunities for which you are applying (research, away rotations, scholarships, etc.) 

Your CV writing goal: a well-organized document that is free of formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors. Make your CV easy to read.


Suggested Steps for Writing a CV  


CV Templates: Created by UWSOM students 

Choose a style that works best for your experience or mix-and-match between the templates 


CV Resources from the AAMC (sign-in required): 

Detailed information about writing a CV and additional CV samples  


CV Writing Tips: 

When deciding if you should include an experience on your CV, ask yourself: 

  • Does this information present a useful representation of who I am as a medical professional? 
  • Will this information help me get selected for an away rotation, residency interview, research opportunity, or scholarship 
  • Would I find this information relevant if I were a resident or faculty reader of my CV? 
  • If the answer is no, leave it out 

Before submitting your CV: 

  • ask several people to proofread and edit 
  • include a professional mentor to review with an eye towards your residency application