What is Swap/Trade?

Swap/Trade is the process of changing your Patient Care schedule by exchanging a clerkship location and/or time frame on your schedule with a clerkship location and/or time frame on another student’s schedule.

How do I make a swap/trade with another student?

Complete both of these steps:

STEP 1: You review your schedule, decide what you have some interest in changing, and locate another student willing to swap/trade. FERPA prohibits us from releasing any student’s schedule to other students, so your classmates coordinate this. NOTE THAT COMPLETING THIS STEP DOES NOT OFFICIALLY CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE.

STEP 2: You and the other student requesting the swap/trade must EACH submit a PCP Swap/Trade Request Form that was created by Registration. Only then have you officially requested a swap/trade.

I forgot about submitting the form to Registration. Can’t you just use an email or the student-created process in Step 1 above to make a change?

No. We’re not trying to be difficult, but we can’t see the form/spreadsheet/document you and your classmates are using to locate swap/trades, and we simply don’t have the capacity to manage changes through multiple channels.

I submitted the form to Registration, but my swap/trade colleague forgot. Can’t you just use my form?

No. Both students have to consent to the change, and it’s possible that the other student changed their mind about swapping.

Can I register/add/drop Patient Care Courses myself through MyUW?

No, not for Patient Care courses. Only SOM Registration can make course changes in eValue.

My Swap/Trade classmate and I both submitted the PCP Swap/Trade Request Form. How will we know the change was made?

SOM Registration will make the change if possible (see below for more about this), and email you and your swap/trade colleague indicating what adjustments were made. If the change is not possible, the email provides an explanation.

Swap/trades are final once processed by SOM Registration.

Both you and your swap/trade colleague should verify that the change is correct in eValue.

Will SOM Registration honor the changes my swap/trade partner requested via the form?

Typically, yes, but if not it’s likely because:

  • Your swap/trade request doesn’t result in a complete Patient Care schedule for one of you. The two goals of EVOS – the scheduling system we used to create your Patient Care schedule – were (1) to create complete schedules that result in unimpeded progress toward students’ MD degrees, and (2) to do so using an equitable process that takes student preferences into account. During swap/trade we remain committed to those goals.
  • Your swap/trade colleague did not submit the PCP Swap/Trade Request Form even though you did.
  • The department offering the clerkship has made a change in its availability.
  • The site offering the clerkship has restrictions on which students can rotate there.
  • Your swap/trade request results in you or your colleague having two courses scheduled for the same time frame.

I missed the deadline. Can I still change my schedule if I find someone else willing to do that?

No, not without approval from a Student Affairs dean for an extenuating circumstance out of your control (e.g., illness or personal/family emergency). As with any schedule change, anything approved are subject to availability and may result in rotation drops and/or a delay in graduation.  You must meet with a Student Affairs Dean to obtain approval. Contact adminsa@uw.edu to request a meeting.

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