Instructions for Take-Home Exams


  • Please refer to Opal for exam time. The download window will open at the start time, and students must upload the results prior to the end time.
  • Exam time will be synchronized across WWAMI sites.
  • Students who do not submit their exam prior to the upload deadline will receive a score of zero on the exam. If you have technical difficulties that prevent you from completing and uploading the exam prior to the upload deadline, you must email immediately to let us know.
  • Students with accommodations for extended time will receive the extra time automatically. Upload deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.

Exam Security

  • The password for the exam is passw0rd (0 is zero, not letter o).
  • Examplify will not lockdown your computer during the exam. You will still have internet access and be able to access to other applications.
  • The exam is open book/note.
  • No collaboration with other students is allowed.
  • No communication about the exam with students who have not yet taken the exam is allowed.
  • No capturing/recording any of the exam content is allowed.
  • You can take notes on blank papers during the exam, but you must destroy the paper after the exam.
  • You will see your score after the MCQ exam immediately, but you won’t be able to review the questions and rationales afterwards. You will receive the SIO reports as usual.
  • If it is proven that a student has violated any of the above rules, their case will be referred to the Dean’s office and dealt with in an appropriately severe manner, up to and including dismissal from UWSOM.

Technical Issues

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Examplify. When you log in to Examplify, check the Notifications in the upper right corner to see if there is an update available.
  • You only get one download of the exam, so make sure you download to the computer you plan to take the exam on. If you accidentally download to the wrong computer, you can remove the download (and then download to another computer) by clicking “remove exam download”. Do not update Examplify after downloading the exam, or your download will be deleted!
  • If your screen freezes during the exam: As soon as you are sure that your computer is non-responsive, force a shut down by pressing and holding the power button, then reboot. Don’t wait too long before doing this, as the timer may continue to run while the screen is frozen. After you reboot the computer, open Examplify again and it will automatically take you back into the exam. In the unlikely event you are out of the exam for longer than 7 min, you will need to email for a resume code.
  • If you have trouble uploading answers at the end, try the following steps:
    • Click the “retry upload” button
    • Quit and relaunch Examplify
    • Turn Wi-Fi off and back on again
  • If you are unsure whether your answers were uploaded, you can log in to the portal and check there.
  • If something goes really wrong, you can contact, or contact ExamSoft exam taker support at 866-429-8889 or their support website.