MS4 Class Information – June 27, 2024

Important: Complete the Residency Application Systems Access Request Form ASAP

There are five different residency application systems! Some of these systems require the UW School of Medicine (UWSOM) to issue an access token, and others allow the applicant to create their own login for access. All systems require the school to upload your UW transcript and Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).

Please complete the Residency Application System Access Request Form ASAP so UWSOM can issue access tokens and know which system to upload your documents. Access tokens will only be issued once the form is completed. Tokens are issued once per week.

Residency Application System Access Request Form:

Schedule now to have your Curriculum Vitae (CV) reviewed by Career Advising before residency application deadlines

Join a group CV session to prepare for your residency application.

All sessions are open to all students, are virtual and run for 30 minutes, starting at 11 a.m. AK, noon PT, 1 p.m. MT. Click this link to register – space is limited.

In advance of the session, a career advisor will review your CV and provide personalized feedback. During the group session, career advisors will address common themes for improvement and answer your questions.

Instructions for how to prepare are given at the time of registration. Register now. Visit Career Advising’s CV webpage for more information. Sessions will be held on the following Fridays:

  • July 12
  • July 26
  • August 9
  • August 23
  • August 30
  • September 6
  • September 13

Your voice matters: Participate in the 2024 EQI student survey

From Sara Kim, PhD, research professor, surgery, and associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement (EQI):

On behalf of Academic and Regional Affairs, the EQI unit launched the 2024 survey on June 18. Your input is critically important for the school to continuously improve your educational experiences. Already 21 percent of you completed the survey across all six campuses (see graph below): Montana (29 percent), Idaho & Wyoming (26 percent), Seattle (20 percent), Spokane (17 percent), and Alaska (10 percent). Thank you!

We would love to reach the goal of 80 percent with your help!

The survey emailed by takes about 7-10 minutes to complete.

There are incentives! We’re raffling $10 Tango gift cards as an incentive for your participation (see the table below).

Lastly, this survey is different than the one the SCoHa (Student Committee on Healthcare Access) leaders have launched. They would also appreciate your time in completing the survey.

Thank you for your time and valuable input.

Your voice matters!


Campus # of Gift Cards ($10) if Campus Response Rates Reach 60% Additional # of Gift Cards ($10) if Campus Response Rates Reach 85% If Campus Response Rates Reach 100%
Seattle 15 10 Any unused gift cards will be raffled to the campus cohort(s) reaching 100%
Spokane 9 6
Wyoming 3 2
Alaska 3 2
Montana 5 3
Idaho 6 4

*According to the UW policy, student employees (e.g., tutors, research assistants, hourly workers, etc.) cannot receive a gift card. If you win the raffle as a student employee, we will send alternative items of $10 value from Amazon.

Peer to peer: Road to Residency Tip of the Month

As you start your last year of school, it is important to identify your support team for applying to residency. This may include specialty career advisors, college mentors, career advisors, attendings/residents, and family and friends. Your support system will offer invaluable guidance and mentorship while you apply to your desired specialty. Now is also an ideal time to draft your personal statement and MSPE noteworthy characteristics bullet points with input from your support system. Remember to submit your personal statement to career advising for review before July 31.

Also, you should be narrowed down to one or two specialties of interest at this point in the year. If you are still deciding between various specialties, consider taking the AAMC Specialty Indecision Scale to help you overcome difficulties narrowing down your fields of interest.

  • Written by BIPOC rising MS4, Abraham Correa-Medina.

Here is a link to the latest newsletter for MS4s.

Have a fabulous week!