MS3 Class Information – June 27, 2024

Get ready for Explore and Focus Phase with a July 9 webinar

Join Career Advising for a preview of 4th-year career planning steps that are coming up in the next several months. After this session, you will:

  • Know how to prepare for Explore & Focus Phase planning decisions and tasks
  • Understand the basics of Away Rotations
  • Be reminded of the importance of parallel planning and risk mitigation​ strategies for your residency application and match
  • Know what to be doing now in preparation for Away Rotation and residency applications
  • Walk away with resources and tools to support you in your planning

Road to Residency: Early Planning for the Explore & Focus Phase​

Your voice matters: Participate in the 2024 EQI student survey

A message from Sara Kim, PhD, research professor, surgery, and associate dean for Educational Quality Improvement (EQI): On behalf of Academic and Regional Affairs, the EQI unit launched the 2024 survey on June 18. Your input is critically important for the school to continuously improve your educational experiences. Already 19 percent of you completed the survey across all six campuses (see graph below): Montana (30 percent), Idaho (23 percent), Alaska (20 percent), Seattle (17 percent), Spokane (16 percent), and Wyoming (15 percent). Thank you!

We would love to reach the goal of 80 percent with your help!

The survey emailed by takes about 7-10 minutes to complete.

There are incentives! We’re raffling $10 Tango gift cards as an incentive for your participation (see the table below).

Lastly, this survey is different than the one the SCoHa (Student Committee on Healthcare Access) leaders have launched. They would also appreciate your time in completing the survey.

Thank you for your time and valuable input.

Your voice matters!


Campus # of Gift Cards ($10) if Campus Response Rates Reach 60% Additional # of Gift Cards ($10) if Campus Response Rates Reach 85% If Campus Response Rates Reach 100%
Seattle 15 10 Any unused gift cards will be raffled to the campus cohort(s) reaching 100%
Spokane 9 6
Wyoming 3 2
Alaska 3 2
Montana 5 3
Idaho 6 4

*According to the UW policy, student employees (e.g., tutors, research assistants, hourly workers, etc.) cannot receive a gift card. If you win the raffle as a student employee, we will send alternative items of $10 value from Amazon.

Peer to peer: Road to Residency Tip of the Month

While on rotations, try to secure at least one letter for your residency application. If an attending offers to write you a letter, take them up on it! If they don’t offer one naturally, but you connect with them and do well on the rotation, ask if they can write you a strong letter of recommendation. Away rotation applications also often require letters, so stay in touch with these letter writers! Here’s some more info from Career Advising on letters of recommendation.

Edited by BIPOC MS3 Abraham Correa-Medina. Originally written by BIPOC alum Shanelle Briggs, MD.

Have a fantastic week!