MS3 Class Information – June 13, 2024

Residency Application 101 Webinar: Components & Strategies

Join Career Advising for a workshop to review application components and get strategies to create the strongest residency application possible.

Review your specialty’s residency application prep materials (e.g. ERAS or Residency CAS resources) in advance and bring your questions!

Survey for students interested in Internal Medicine residency

This survey is for students planning to apply to Internal Medicine (IM) residency during the upcoming academic year. The survey asks about your perceptions of Morning Report, which is a key conference that most of you attended or will attend during your Internal Medicine rotations. The scientists are hoping to determine how important this conference is to medical students and if it impacts your decision to pursue an IM residency. Please fill out this 3-minute anonymous survey about Morning Report: The study is conducted by Rujuta Patil, MD, an Internal Medicine resident at UW and Jeff Redinger, MD, assistant professor of Medicine.

Peer to peer: Road to Residency Tip of the Month

As you start your last year of school, it is important to identify your support team for applying to residency. This may include specialty career advisors, college mentors, career advisors, attendings/residents, and family and friends. Your support system will offer invaluable guidance and mentorship while you apply to your desired specialty. Now is also an ideal time to draft your personal statement and MSPE noteworthy characteristics bullet points with input from your support system. Remember to submit your personal statement to career advising for review prior prior to July 31.

Also, you should be narrowed down to one or two specialties of interest at this point in the year. If you are still deciding between various specialties, consider taking the AAMC Specialty Indecision Scale to help you overcome difficulties narrowing down your fields of interest. 

  • Written by BIPOC student Abraham Correa-Medina.

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