MS2 Class Information – June 13, 2024

ICYMI: July 1 is the deadline to apply to the Underserved Pathway

Are you passionate about healthcare for under-resourced and marginalized patients? Interested in learning more about how you can be a physician advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors? Want to connect with other students and healthcare providers working toward health equity? Maybe looking to stand out from other applicants when you apply to residency?

It isn’t too late to join the Underserved Pathway (UP)!

  • Expand your knowledge about rural and urban under-resourced, marginalized, and historically excluded populations and the challenges they face in obtaining high-quality care.
  • Learn ways you can support your patients and advocate for them both inside and outside the clinic.
  • Connect with like-minded classmates, faculty, and non-UW docs that are committed to providing care in communities that are underserved.

Other benefits include:

  • Guidance and support from an Underserved Pathway mentor until you graduate
  • Dedicated Underserved Pathway advisors, including faculty physicians and staff
  • Ability to stand out from your peers and highlight your participation in the UP in your MSPE upon completion of UP MSPE deadline requirements
  • Recognition in the Hooding Ceremony program and a Certificate of Completion upon completion of UP requirements

Apply here:


  • You can learn more about the UP on its website.
  • The application is non-competitive. The Pathway team encourages students to apply as soon as possible to get the maximum benefit. The team recommends applying before the end of Foundations Phase, but the deadline is July 1 between your MS2 and MS3 years.
  • If you apply after completing Foundations Phase, you’ll need to have an established relationship with a qualifying mentor when you apply. Read about who qualifies as an UP mentor and more information on the UP mentorship page.
  • If you did not participate in RUOP, GHIP, or MedStAR, please learn more about the UP underserved-focus scholarly project requirement before you apply.

Peer to peer: Road to Residency Tip of the Month

While on rotations, try to secure at least one person who can write a letter for your residency application. If an attending offers to write you a letter in the future, take them up on it! If they don’t offer one naturally, but you connect with them and do well on the rotation, ask if they feel they can write you a strong letter of rec. Away rotation applications also often require letters, so stay in touch with these letter writers! Here’s some more info from Career Advising on letters of recommendation.    

  • Edited by BIPOC MS3 Abraham Correa-Medina. Originally written by BIPOC alum Shanelle Briggs, MD.

ICYMI: Here is a link to the most recent newsletter for MS2s.

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