Finalized Scheduling and Requesting a Summer 2020 Scheduling Appointment

Please disregard if you are graduating in June 2020

Dear students,

Your summer priority clerkship assignments have been finalized, and dropped students have been rescheduled for NEURL/NEUR S and MED EM. Please log in to E*Value<> to view your updated schedules.

Students can arrange to swap their required Emergency Medicine and Neurology clerkships. Both students must email somreg at<mailto:somreg at> with the clerkship details (course number, timeframe, and site) and consent to the swap. Once processed, swaps are final. Swaps are not permitted for priority clerkship assignments.

If you would like to make changes to your summer 2020 clerkship schedule, please complete this form<> to request an appointment to meet with the UWSOM Registrar’s Office during the week of 5/11-5/15. We will download the appointment requests at 10:00am PT on Friday, May 8th and you will be randomly assigned to a 10 minute appointment to meet with one of us to add/drop summer rotations. We will send you a Zoom meeting link with your appointment date/time on Friday evening; our ability to accommodate changes to appointment times is limited, but you can let your scheduler know if you need to be rescheduled to the next available appointment time.

Please see the information below if you are interested in making changes to your summer 2020 schedule:

* We highly encourage you to:

1. Research your options in the UW SOM Clerkship Catalog<>,

2. Obtain any necessary permissions<> prior to your appointment and forward to somreg at<mailto:somreg at>. Any permissions for summer received prior to 4/13/20 are void, and permissions received after your appointment can be added via the schedule change request form starting on 5/25.

3. Review the clerkship availability in E*Value<>, and

4. The primary purpose of this appointment is to schedule 8 additional credits of APC, APC-S, or EF Clinical Electives. You may drop the priority clerkship assigned by the department if you choose, but this does not mean you can add two clerkships/16 credits during your appointment. There will be limited time to answer questions. Any additions to your schedule other than adding 8 credits in Summer 2020 will need to be requested via the form when it opens on 5/25.

* Step 2: A passing score for CK and CS is required by 2/17/2021. Completion recommended ASAP for CK and by 11/7/2020 for CS. Consider leaving one 4-week block open to study/take Step 2 CK/CS.

* Neurology/Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine: Due to limited availability for these required rotations and out of fairness to the entire class, you cannot request to add an open spot until the form reopens on 5/25.

* Summer A changes: After appointments finish, you cannot make changes to your Summer A clerkship(s). Credentialing begins 6 weeks prior to the quarter (May 18) and all Summer A rotations need to be finalized by then.

The clinical schedule change request form will reopen on May 25th for changes to Summer B and later. Please review your schedules and request to drop any duplicate rotations and rotations that are in excess of your graduation requirements<>.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting with you!

Gloria, Maggie, Tara, and Connie

Registration & Scheduling, UWSOM

(E) somreg at